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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long would it take you to complete the painting I would like to have done?
It all depends on how much painting you would like to have done. For example, if you're looking to get one room painting then a normal size room usually only takes a day to complete. If you want the entire house painted then, of course it would take longer. After I look at the work you want finished I can go over with you in person on how long it would take to complete.

Question: I noticed in the "Services" section you mention that "No Job is Too Small," I recently had a painter come out to look at a small paint job I needed to have done, he said that it really wasn't worth his time to come out because it was too small. Will you say the same thing?
Answer: No, I will not do that. A couple of years ago I had a customer call me because she was looking for someone to do some high wall cut in. (where you brush in the wall color where the wall meets the ceiling) She wasn't able to get up that high, all she wanted me to do was brush the high areas and she would do the rest of the painting herself. I was happy to do this small job for her, I'm thankful for all the work I can get and I also knew that I was creating a new and happy customer and this is very important in any business.

Question: What type of paint and tools do you use?
Answer: I only use the best available paint tools. I believe that if your going to be working with something on a daily basis then you should only use the best available. I use Purdy 9 inch roller for rolling out walls and ceilings, (Purdy rollers are the best rollers I've ever worked with) cheaper type rollers usually leave a fuzzy shed on your walls and in my opinion it's just not worth using the cheap roller just to save a couple bucks. I also use Purdy and Sherwin Williams paint brushes.
I'm a big fan of Duron and Sherwin Williams paint. In my years of painting I've worked with many different types of paint and I can tell you what I recommend, don't recommend and why.

Question: Will you be doing the painting yourself or will you be sending out a crew of painters to do the painting?
Answer: I am the owner/operator, myself and my full time assistant will be doing the painting. If I wanted to I could expand my business to where I could send a crew out to do the work but right now I prefer to stay small, also, this way I can give my customers the personal attention they deserve.

Question: How does the painting process work?
Answer: I believe in keeping things as simple as possible. After you call or email me, we'll set up a time for me to come over to give you a free estimate. After I come over and meet with you I will then work up a quote for you. If you decide that you don't wanna take the next step to have me do the painting, no problem at all, your under no obligation. I you decide you want me to do the painting, we would then schedule a date and time for me to start the work. I would send you a written invoice with a description of the work, this way were both on the same page and we would inital just to make it official. Usually, the only thing you would need to do is pick out the colors you like and you can go to any paint store to get paint color samples. (I can get pretty much any color matched at the paint store I go to)

Question: In the past I hired a painter to paint my old house. The painting took a lot longer than expected because he had other jobs going on at the same time and usually didn't show up when he said he would. Will you do the same thing?
Answer: I will not do this. I keep a very organized appointment book and do one job at a time. Sometimes a job may take a couple of days longer than expected and I would notify you in advance if this is the case. I believe in being very responsible and making a good impression on my customers and I always show up on the days I tell you I'm gonna be there. If for any reason there's a day that I need off or I can't make it I would of course call or email you, this way you know what's going on.

Question: How do I get in touch with you to schedule a Free Estimate?
Answer: To schedule a Free Estimate you can email me at, you can also call (or text message) me anytime at 410-239-7224.

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